We do books that give desire to be read, because if children want to read it is already a victory. An easy access to education, culture and discovery that will allow them to give the best of themselves.
Nous faisons des livres qui donnent envie d’être lus, car si les enfants veulent lire c’est déjà une victoire. Un accès à l’éducation, à la culture et à la découverte qui leur permettra de donner le meilleur d’eux mêmes.

excellence of texts

All our books are written / corrected and verified in order to have the best texts possible.

spreading education

Society progress with increasing of access to education and culture. It must be a priority for ukrainian kids and we do our best for it.


We want that ukrainian kids have the best quality books, because that’s important to bring good messages in nice contents.


All our books are done to bring knowledge and allow kids to learn positive and important concepts in a pleasant way.